At U-LEARN center our main aim is to develop the autonomy of the children and the development of certain learning skills which will eventually teach them to become active and independent learners.
The main focus is on learning as expressed by the name of our center. We strive to facilitate learning and to teach certain life skills, to mediate and also to build characters and to help children to evolve. The syllabi, our approach and the open learning system we aim to promote cater for the learners individual styles, needs, progress and expectations.
Approach and Methodology
To establish a friendly learning environment which involves all the children and promotes the use of the foreign language in daily life / real life contexts. Every life experience is a learning opportunity for all of us. Some of the techniques used are: games, songs, dancing, action songs, stories, drama, role-play, miming, arts and crafts, puppet shows, cooking and baking as well as lectures / seminars / workshops given to both parents and children .
Technological support
A variety of technological devices is used such as computers, computer software (phonics, songs, literacy), E-blocks, Interactive boards and software, Dvds etc.
Assessment Methods
Besides the traditional assessment methods (written and oral tests), alternative methods of assessment are used.
These include:
– Projects (My town / A festival which I like / My favorite film etc)
– Advertising leaflets / brochures
– Portfolio – power point presentations – videos etc
– Self-check and self-evaluation
– Peer assessment
РObservation and discussion with studentsì
– Field trips