Malmö Festival

For The project Literacy Act Migrant spectatorship Lab which entails migrant spectators going to a performance and sharing their experience and expectations of the performance. The participants of Mobilizing Expertise chose three different performances at the Malmö Festival. All the participants then shared their expectations, emotions and what they gained by their experience of these three performances.

Bouncing Narratives

The first show  was a “Bouncing Narratives” This performance entailed two performers using their body  to evoke different emotions through  sounds, images, and movement. This cross between dance and theatre  revolves around trauma. The performance was done on top of a customized trailer container that had a mesh trampoline at the top so the jumping and performance can be viewed from below.

 The opera

The second show was the opera “Romeo and Julia”. This is a opera performance of the classic Shakespearean love story ” Romeo & Juliette. This showcased the classic and ionic music and narrations using a mix of languages ( Swedish, French & Italian).

Swedish Folk dance

The third performance was a Swedish Folk dance. This consisted of an explanation of Swedish folkdance in both Swedish and English. the next step was the demonstration of a typical Swedish folkdance. Then  participants if they dared to try could then learn step by step.  Each step was step was demonstrated each step till the participants could follow. There was also an accompaniment from a classic violinist to support the creative expression.

The participants enjoyed themselves and thought that all the performances were really good especially the first performance “Bouncing Narratives”. The thought that it was new, different and unique.  They were very impressed and said the felt connected to each activity. They said the opera and the “Bouncing Narrative” was very emotional and exceeded their expectations. they also agreed that the third activity the folk dancing was their least favourite even though they enjoyed it.

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